Tuesday, October 12, 2010

min knä

On the 2nd of October, I was doing some light sparring. I was feeling pretty decent and wanted to start easing my way back into things. Unfortunately, during my sparring session, I pivoted in a way that my knee did not approve of. It felt a bit uncomfortable, but nothing too major.

Or so I thought.

I continued on with my usual training regimen throughout the week. Cardio was a bit rough, even aided with a knee brace for extra support, but I still pushed my way through it. But I noticed that the soreness was not easing up at all.

On the 9th of October, my former roller derby league was having a bout. I was invited to play with them. Probably against my better judgment, I accepted the invitation and decided to strap on my roller skates for a trip down memory lane. I made it through the hour-long bout with the aid of my knee brace and a lot of stretching. I got taken down. And I took others down. And I scored a lot of points in the process.

Unfortunately, having fun also sometimes has its consequences.

I noticed that my knee was still aggravating me. A lot. I have a very high pain tolerance - so for something to continually bother me like this sends up a warning light for me. So today, I made an impromptu visit to my Doctor's office.

Being who I am, they led me right in. I was talking with my Doctor in no time at all. She set up an x-ray, I had it done, and no surprise to either of us - my bones are fine. It was merely a formality for this jacked-up American health care system, and the insurance company.

She has determined that I have damaged my Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) in my knee. As to the extent of the damage - we do not know at this time. We have to follow some protocols with the insurance company and whatnot before they will authorize an MRI. And without the MRI, we are unsure as to the extent of my injury. She has wagered a guess that it is very likely a Grade II injury, but again - nothing will be confirmed until after my MRI.

In the meantime, my Doctor has ordered that I take it easy. I am getting very antsy at this point. I seem to be transitioning from one injury to another, working my way through my various body parts. I don't like being idle, so this whole "resting" thing is getting very boring for me.


I will bide my time.

I will listen to my Doctor.

And when I am given the green flag, I will continue on my journey.

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