Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jag är en stjärna!!!

Okay, I'm not. But I could be!

Regardless, I've officially decided to start up my own YouTube channel. In all honesty, there won't be much wrestling on it. There MIGHT be some. But it's mostly going to be... well... me! Random acts of Mia, so to speak. My musings. My actions. A more in-depth look at me and my awesomeness.

Step one: Buy a video camera. Check.

I bought one Monday evening. It's not a fantastic camera. But it will get the job done until I'm ready for an upgrade.

Step two: Start a YouTube channel. Processing.

I'm currently debating on a name for my channel. My original name was already taken. Totally lame, I know. So now I'm on the hunt for a new name for my channel and/or show. Who knows? My show might be named something different than the channel name. You just never know!

I can't call this "The Untitled Mia Svensson Show"... I have a feeling my life would be in serious Danger if I even attempted it. *snicker*


I'll be accepting suggestions for my show between now and noon EST Friday, April 1st. (And no - that's not a joke!) If one particular one catches my attention best, I'll select it. If more than one grab me, I may put them into a jar (or my Viking helmet) and select them. Hey - that might even be my first episode! Who knows? I sure don't.

So let's get those wheels turning and come up with a cool name for my show. Oh yeah, and the genius behind the name will get a surprise. Game on!

True story.

PS - You can submit your suggestion via a DM on Twitter or Facebook. Or submit via email: And no - I won't limit your genius to one submission.

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