Monday, November 29, 2010

brottare av året

That's right - the people have spoken - and yours truly has been named the Ring Wars Carolina Wrestler of the Year for 2010.

Did this come as a surprise? Of course not. The people know talent when they see it! And they saw it in me. Can't blame them for being right!

Of course, some people have an issue with me being named the Wrestler of the Year in RWC. One person in particular is "The Genuine Article" Ash Walker. This sexist man claims that no woman should ever receive this title. That women don't belong in the ring in a man's sport. That the only honor I should have is to "put on something cute" and "cook [him] a delicious meal in [his] kitchen." I thought Mr. Walker and myself were on good terms. But apparently the RWC Heavyweight Champ is a bit envious of yours truly - understandably so.

As many of you know, I have been out of the ring since October because I damaged my MCL. Well I'm here to tell you that in 2011, I will be coming back stronger than ever. And Mr. Ash Walker better watch out - because I don't take lightly to threats. My inner-Viking won't stand for it. Prepare for battle.


  1. No doubt from me. The fans have spoken. Ash Walker is just jealous.

    Fastställande motståndskraft och uthållighet.

  2. Gratulerar till den välförtjänta vinsten, hoppas på att få se dig i Sverige framöver.