Wednesday, November 17, 2010

tack Bob!

This Blog is for the sole purpose of saying THANK YOU to Bob. Why? Because Bob is a total rockstar.

I took a weekend away for some R&R and to prep myself for physical therapy. And when I returned from my mini-holiday, I had a package waiting for me. Well, two really.

First off, I got this totally awesome vintage football tee. It's super comfy, and is now one of my favorite tees. So more thanks to Bob for a new favorite tee.

Also, the next day a second package arrived. I suppose this is because I don't receive mail on Sundays... And in this next package? The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar. BAM! I'm going to be ripped.

Thank you Bob for moseying around my Amazon wishlist, and for sending me such nice gifts. I absolutely love them. :) It truly was the icing on my cake of a relaxing weekend. This helped perk up my mood more than you know. THANK YOU. :)


  1. The tee looks great on you and the exercise bar will help your rehabbing so you can take care of business. :-)


  2. Thanks Bob! I absolutely love the tee! And the exercise bar is amazing. I've already been using it, and feel like a whole new woman!