Tuesday, April 12, 2011

dum kamera

I took a road trip to Pittsburgh, PA last weekend. It took two hours longer than expected to get there. But I filmed a good portion of my trip. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of the footage from my camera, and have no idea why. But now my trip isn't nearly as entertaining to watch. Oh well. *shrug* That's not really my problem. I had a blast! Well... except for the two hour delay!

Really enjoyed seeing my former manager and roller derby teammate (1/4 of the Cupcake Crew) Moxie over the weekend. I hadn't seen in two years! So that was pretty phenomenal. It was great spending time with her.

Time flew by WAY too quickly in PA. Before I knew it, it was time to head back home. The 10.5 hour drive on the way TO Pittsburgh turned into 8.5 hours on the return trip. Go figure.


I did make it back just in time to catch the main event at Ring Wars Carolina - my home promotion. "The Genuine Article" Ash Walker vs. Hangtyme. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the referee (Don Hector) ended up incapacitated and I had to slide in to make the count. Poor Ash lost to Hangtyme, on my count. Unfortunately, when Don Hector came to, he DQ-ed Ash, which resulted in no title change. Alas, maybe next month in Lumberton, NC Hangtyme will get the belt.. I am the special guest referee for that match... *grin*

My YouTube channel is going fairly well. I've decided to post a new video every Tuesday. Anything else is really just "bonus" material (such as the prequel to my road trip). The one I'm posting today will be from my road trip... it will have some footage from the trip. A lot of the footage seems to have disappeared from my camera, such as:
* Cussing out a van from Quebec for taking too long to park at the rest area
* Trying to decipher if that big rig REALLY had a picture of Hitler on it
* Realizing it was actually Kim Kardashian's new perfume ad on the trailer
* Fraggle Rock
* Car Dancing
* Car Karaoke
* Various "Captain's Log" segments
* Torrential downpours
* Longingly gazing at IKEA during standstill traffic
* Cussing out construction zones
* Pondering where the tunnel is that the sign just announced (found it 10 miles later)
* Other comical moments...

Needless to say, this resulted in a very watered-down road trip. But hey - it's still somewhat entertaining. Somewhat. Maybe. I'm not quite done in the editing room yet. My laptop battery ran too low, so I need to plug in and finish it tonight. But it will be posted by the end of the day!

Oh - and apparently I'm on a hat kick right now. I love hats. And will likely end up wearing one in the majority (if not all) of these webisodes. If you'd like to get me a new hat to add to my collection, feel free to look at the HAT WISHLIST that I made. *grin*

In other news... I have a few big webisodes coming up in the future. However, they're a bit too big for me at the moment. If anyone is interested in sponsoring a full (or even part) of an episode, shoot me an email (mia@scandinaviansweetheart.com) with "Sponsorship" in the subject line and we can start up a dialogue. These can literally range anywhere from $10-$100. And as I said - you can sponsor a whole or partial episode - it's completely up to you! If you choose to sponsor an episode, it comes with some perks: recognition (if you wish) in the webisode, a signed still shot from the actual taping, and maybe some additional swag. It will depend on the budget to be honest.

There are currently three upcoming webisodes needing sponsorship:
* Big-A Challenge
* Baked Cakes

In addition, if there's any stupid or random thing you'd like to see, let me know. I'm open to suggestions.

True story.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun time. Btw, wanted to increase your hat collection, but Amazon needs an address. :-P


  2. Thank you for the heads-up, Bob! I fixed it! :)