Friday, April 29, 2011

Tryck 1 för Engelska

I am SO angry right now.

As many of you know, I'm going to school. Well, there was a problem with the check I received from my loan company, so I called to try to resolve the issue. But things didn't go quite as I had planned.

Here's the deal... if I press the number 1 for English, I expect to be able to converse with the person on the other end of the line.

Is that REALLY so much to ask for? Apparently it is.

My Español is not particularly fluent. Which is why I choose to press 1 for English. I mean, if I was told I could press 6 for Svenska then I totally would! But it's not an option in America. So I pick what I speak well: English.

Yes, I know I have an accent. But if I want you to understand what I'm saying: you WILL be able to understand me. Either I will alter HOW I'm speaking, or I will slow down when speaking. It's called common-courtesy. But unless I feel like being a complete bitch (which does sometimes happen), then I'll be sure you can understand me.

To further irritate me, the woman I attempted speaking with was unable to help me. She was extremely unhelpful on MANY accounts.

So now, here I am. Livid.

Since this call, I've faxed paperwork to what I THINK she said the fax number was. It was a bit difficult to understand. So hopefully that will help expedite this process.

In the meantime, I hope nobody comes into my office today that speaks like her. I may dropkick them in the mouth.

True story.

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