Thursday, September 30, 2010

min revben

This weekend will be the 3-week marker after my injuries procured at Shimmer. My doctor said that it would take 3-6 weeks to heal up. I'm feeling better. Not fantastic. But definitely better. I do not see my doctor again until next week.

Now, I know that this means that I should just take it easy until that point. After all, it would be wise to wait.

But then, I've never claimed to be wise. Smart? Yes. A genius? Perhaps. But wise? Well... there's room for interpretation on that one.

You see, this weekend there is a seminar in Burlington, NC. It's being offered by Mike Quackenbush.

My dilemma:

I can go, participate, and learn something. Or I can stay home, miss out, and learn nothing.

Obviously - because I'm SMART - I'm going to go.

However, I have not yet been given a "go-ahead" from my doctor. Then again - I think I may be smarter than my doctor anyway.

I shall go to the seminar. I shall get my learn on. And we shall see what happens.

It has been decided.

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