Wednesday, September 15, 2010


During this weekend in Berwyn, IL - I had a chance to SPARKLE at the SHIMMER tapings.

On Saturday, 9/11 I partnered with Mena Libra in a tag match against Mia Yim and Taylor Made. It was a good match, but unfortunately I took a roundhouse kick from Yim, and she managed to take me out for the 3-count.

However, on Sunday, 9/12 I took on Mia Yim solo, and had a second chance. This time I saw the roundhouse coming, and managed to duck it, then hit her with Thor's Hammer. This time, victory was mine.

Even though I have a loss under my belt, I am still undefeated in singles competition. I hope to have a chance to return in the future. But only time will tell.

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