Wednesday, September 15, 2010


While in Berwyn, I managed to procure some souvenirs. I got a really nice white SHIMMER t-shirt, as well as a Joshi tour t-shirt. I am pretty excited about both.

But - I also left Berwyn with a couple not-so-nice souvenirs.

Per my doctor visit yesterday, I found that I have a Grade II Strain/Contusion in my left thigh, as well as a cracked rib. My estimated recovery time is a minimum of 3-6 weeks, if I take good care of myself.

Unfortunately, this means I'm out of the ring for at least the next month. Which means no gym and no shows. I've canceled my upcoming bookings, and tried to reschedule others.

Until I am able to perform at full capacity, I will be taking some time off.

But I will be back.

Med en hämnd.

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